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web mobile design

web/ design / graphic / typography / prototyping / layouts

A bright and bold unique webpage and re-branding for a creative studio in San Diego, California.


Connecting brands to the hands & hearts of the future

Hype was designed in mind with millennial and gen Z generations, and therefore the aesthetics were chosen to be bold, saturated and brightly colored with combination of large typography as an important graphic element to grab attention and create an attractive contemporary brand.

Design today must be alway applied to multiple scales between desktop and mobile devices.


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Have a project that needs improvement?

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Designer, brand builder, music maker, cinema fan and creative consultant. Operating at the crossroads of aesthetics and web to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade.  Raised in Russia and New York City, currently living in Austin. Master's Architecture & Design bachelor's grad (Syracuse University).
Making at the sweet spot between aesthetics and purpose to craft meaningful ideas that endure. Producing at the nexus of minimalism and intellectual purity to craft delightful brand experiences. Operating at the crossroads of art and elegance to craft an inspiring, compelling and authentic brand narrative.